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Rest of weekend

I went to the carnival/fair yesterday, had a blast. Got home at about 8:30pm and made tea and went to sleep on the couch till 2am. Then decided to go to my own bed and sleep.

Got up this morning at about 10am this morning, took a shower, then went back to the carnival to find out a few of my closest friends weren't coming. That kinda bummed me out. BUt I still had fun and went on all the rides, got food after that. Then I walked around and went on some more rides. I even decided near the end to go on the Zipper ride, and it was FUN!!! It was so much fun that I went on it two more times before they took it down. After that I went to see what bands were playing then, and Tommy Castro was playing. When I got there, he was playing his last song, and everyone was gonna pack up and leave. I was again bummed out because I missed the whole show without meaning to, and I was looking for my dadand couldn't find him for a while. so he called me and told me where he was, then we bumped into each other finally after Tommy Castro played... So I decided to get food before leaving for home since I was starving. Then my dad and I took offand left for home.

So here I am tired from a good weekend and making tea for my dad and me. My mom left me a really bitchy message for some reason, don't know what her problem is. I emailed her and called her and no response. Dunno. Will write more laterz. G'night everyone and I hope everyone had a good Memorial weekend!

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