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The weekend so far

My leg has healed up very nicely and I was able to succeed in walking to school Friday morning with no problem. :-) The rest of the day was good. Then Friday night my dad and I went and saw Blame Sally at a Studio and heard them record their songs on what will be their first album. YAY! So when they get that done, they'll make a bunch of copies and I'll be getting it in the mail soon. So i can't wait!

Yesterday I slept in till 10am, stumbled around a bit, then was out the door by 11:30am to the fair/carnival at the middle school. I walked there, and it's not too far which was good. When I got there, not much was happening. Got my tickets, went on half of the rides, then ran out. So at about 2pm I went home, got more cash then went back to the fair. This time, I was able to get a purple bracelet to substitute for tickets. So this lasted me the whole rest of the day which was great. Went on all of the rides with my buddies and managed to not puke. :-) The only ride I did not and would never get on is the Zipper ride, because it tosses you upside down, and I know I would puke big time from that ride. But I had a great time overall. From about 5pm to 7:30pm, I watched some teen bands from our school play cover songs and stuff. They all sounded good. I saw everybody there except Simon DZ. Was kinda disappointed but that was kinda expected anyway. I finally got home at about 10pm and was practically sunburned all over. So legs and arms and shoulders and face hurt pretty bad at the moment. So last night I was so tired and knocked out from the day that I fell asleep on the couch the whole night.

Woke up this morning at about 8am, and now having tea. I might go back to the carnival later today and see what's up. More news from me laterz...

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