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My Monday day

Today at school was okay, hung out with Jake, Nickolii, and Russ at lunch and stuff. Jake and Russ are getting along again, which is good. This one junior girl (Ana) kept on like stalking us and always annoys the hell out of us! She pissed me off big time this morning, since she lied to me about where Jake was. Damn bitch! She does that all the time so that SHE can have him. Then she pissed me off again at lunch when she asked me an offensive question right in front of my friends. Jake and Russ were also pissed at her for being rude to me, but that didn't stop her from not hanging out with us. It's kinda sad - Ana does not and I mean DOES NOT have much friends. Everyone hates her because of how rude and annoying she is. In a way, certain things about her remind me of me, which is not a good thing. Not getting into that right now though...

After school, I had to go to a different high school for two hours to get training for a reading proficiency test that I didn't pass. Then tomorrow I have to take the real one and pass it in order to graduate. I'm really nervous about it, because I do horrible at proficiency tests of any kind. But I think and I hope that I'll do decent enough to get a passing score.

I saw Simon DZ today, he's doing good. It's kinda funny - he accidentally dozed off in geometry class for a few minutes, he was so tired. Ahh well. Speaking of tired, I think I'm gonna head on to bed in a few minutes. More to come laterz...

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