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a HUGE entry on my weekend so far

Here's an update on what's been happening with me in the last few days! WOW!

Friday after school, I hung out with Jake, Nickolii, Austin, Blaine, and some other people for a while. It was cool but boring at the same time. Jake for some reason was depressed, and couldn't figure out what he wanted to do later that evening. He knew that he wanted us to be with him, but something was wrong. I didn't know what was really getting him down till later. But first he told me that he had a pretty shitty day, and got into a few fights with his buddies earlier today. One of his buddies (Russ) had been calling him a fag and insulting him left and right all day, and it was really pissing him off. So after school Russ and Jake ran into each other, but didn't talk to each other for a while. But I didn't notice that there was anything wrong between them until Russ called him a pussy and a fag again. At first I thought he was joking around but jake took it offensively and got pissed at him. so a minute later, Jake walked away and I asked Russ what was going on. His reponse was "Jake is being a fucking pussy and I hate him." I was thinking to myself, "Fuck you Russ, you have no right saying that about him." I didn't say anything but walked away and talked to Jake. Most of our buddies were on Jake's side, but he didn't know why a few of his other buddies were ditching him and stuff. What was worse was Russ was all by himself and looked like he was about to cry. But that's his fault - he's the one that's being a selfish idiot and putting down Jake all day. So that's his problem. Anyway enough on that part.
Later Jake, Nickolii, a few girls and I caught a bus going near my place, then took a transfer bus up near San Rafael. Then we went to the mall, walked around a bit, then Jake and I decided to split away from the rest of the crew and go to his house for a while. Oh yeah - on the way to the mall, after we got off the bus, we took a short walking route to get to the mall. There was one point where all of us had to jump about a few yards to get the the mall parking lot. I jumped thinking I was gonna land pretty much on my feet and be okay. But when I did jump, I did land on my feet, but skid my knee and hand up pretty bad. My knee was bleeding so bad and I didn't notice until Jake and I went to his house. So Jake's mom managed to get me a big band-aid when we got there, which was nice of her. So I hung out at Jake's place for a while with him. Then about a half hour later, Jake called a cab so that we could go to the Oasis lounge place in San Rafael. We got there a half out later, and saw a lot of unexpected friends from our school there.
So I hung out at the Oasis with a bunch of teen buddies for about 5 hours. I danced my ass off and mosh pitted for a good few hours. Then Jake, Austin, Nickolii, and I got a ride from Jake's dad and took us all home. Got back at my house at about 11pm and was knocked out for the night.


Saturday morning I was extremely soar all over from the night before and managed to get my ass up at 6am and get out the door for work at 7am. I had a hard time doing a few normal things, but managed to to them and get thru the day. There was a barbecue at work too, so it was nice to have some chicken and salad stuff for lunch. Talk about YUMMY! Got off work at 4pm, went home, and crashed out on the couch till 8pm. My dad brought back pizza by that time, so we had that for dinner. Talked to Mike (my ex b/f) on the phone for a half hour, he's doing good. :-) We had sorta planned on going out for breakfast this morning, and he told me to call him whenever I woke up and wake him up. After that I decided to catch up reading some of my LJ friends' journals that I haven't attended to in 4 days. Finally went to bed at about 1am and was still soar.


Today (Sunday) I'm not working and I woke up at about 9:30am and called up Mike. No answer. So I tried him about an hour or so later. His mom told him that they had a few things they needed to do this morning. So our plan we cancelled. But that was okay because I wasn't sure if I really was up for going out anyway. So all day I've been kicking back, relaxing, and let my body kinda heal up from Friday night. My legs are still pretty sore, but not as bad as yesterday. Maybe i'll try to walk the pain off later today if I feel like it. I wanna do something with Jake today, I'm not sure what his plans are though... I'll call him later though.

Alright, that's the story of my weekend. Might write more later today or tonight.

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