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Not much has been happening in the last few days or so, since I last posted... But last night my dad was in a really bitchy mood and took a bunch of shit out on me. We sorta got into a small arguement that later turned into a regular normal conversation. But he actually pissed me off so bad last night that I was crying on and off until we both accidentally fell asleep on the couch. Sounds kinda weird and confusing probably, but it was a weird, not good night for me.

I slept the crap out last night and woke up this morning feeling a little better than last night, but still unable to forget about last night. The cool thing was that we made up for it all this morning before we left the house. So it was nice. But it still seemed like that it wasn't enough for me to move on and forget about it. AS the day went on, I had gradually forgotten about it all, and my mood was changing for the better also. Enough on that... ;)

Today was an okie dokie day and plowed through it. Took a geometry test and I think I pretty much failed the damn thing... Ahh whatever, I mean I'm doing good in that class gradewise, so I'm not too worried about it.

Anyway, I'm gonna hit the sheets soon, I'm getting sleepy suddenly... G'night y'all!
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