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Well Kelly came over Friday night at 1am, and stayed over at my place till Monday night. It was all fun except for a little stupid arguement my dad and I got into Saturday night. But that was resolved. Sunday, Kelly and I went out and met my other best buddy Mike. We hung out all afternoon and watched the movie Snatched at the theaters. It was REALLY cool! Then Sunday night Kelly, my dad, and I went to San Francisco and saw our friend's band called Story Road (or The Road) perform at Bazaar Cafe. They were really good. Nothing much happened Monday except my dad and I went back up to the Sierras (which is a 6-hr drive overall) and took Kelly home. I miss Kelly and she was great company except she was sick which sucked. But hopefully she's getting better now.

Yesterday I didn't do much, just layed around the house and did a few things here and there, but nothing exciting to announce here. Oh yeah, I finally talked to T Monday morning. YAY!! He's back from Mexico and back to work catching up and stuff while he was gone. But he's well. Nothing much happened last night except I chatted with a few people on ICQ and stayed up till 1am. I also met this cool les girl named Ariel who lives near San Diego, and she's really nice. I think she's a lesbian but it's cool. Hope to chat with her soon today or tonight.

Then I got up this morning at about 9:30am and did a few things. Then I watched Logan sleeping for about 10 minutes... Then around lunchtime, I went to Starbucks and saw Mike working nearly at the end of his shift. Then we went out and bought a CD or two, then he took me home. He's such a real nice guy and I've never met anybody as sweet and caring as him. It's like I can talk to him about anything and he understands. :-) I love that about him. Then I came back here about two hours ago from now and here I am now. I'm hoping to chat with T and D sometime soon. haven't chatted with them in a while. I guess D's ICQ's messed up so he's unable to chat with me for a while till he gets it fixed soon. :-( Damn!

Anyway, that's an update of what I've been up to since I last wrote in here. Guess I'll write more later... Peace out!!

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