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Not much to talk about... Last night my dad and I and my dad's sorta g/f went out for dinner after I got off work. It was lots of fun but different and interesting, since my dad hasn't gone out with someone in YEARS!!!!! So we all went out to this fancy italian restaurant, and had some really nice dinner there. Then after that we walked around town to walk off our huge platefulls of pasta that we ate. It was a nice relaxing way to spend a Saturday night.

Today I worked on this Mother's Day which kinda sucked but it was alright. A lot of customers wished me a Happy Mother's Day even though I'm not a mom... Even though it was extremely busy in the store and a little frustrating at times today, I'd say it was still a good day.

For some reason, I have a small headache... Don't know why. But I'm gonna go to sleep soon, so hopefully it'll go away soon. Thinking about T, D, and Simon DZ. G'night y'all ;-)

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