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Skateboards and shit

Yesterday was a good decent day. After school, I hung out with some of my buddies and watched them skateboard and stuff. Unfortunately, a few of them got busted, got their skateboards taken away, and were told they were getting suspended... I'm thinking, "What the hell???" I mean, none of us knew that skateboarding wasn't aloud, no one told us... I think we should've gotten at least a warning or something, because it's our rights! Now I just feel sorry for the people that are getting suspended on Monday, but they'll get their boards back sometime then too...

I hung out with the guys for almost two hours, then decided to get going and walk on home... I ran into Simon DZ on the way, no big deal really... I kinda miss him but not that much actually. I don't know, I'm a little pissed at him for something he said in class on Thursday that I thought was real rude and immature of him... Anyway, enough on that...

I gotta get to work in about an hour from now, so I should get ready... Might write more later, who knows. Anyway, Peace out and enjoy the weekend LJs and buddies!

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