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Ever since I got home from school, I've been feeling much better. Today wasn't as hot or nearly as bad as yesterday actually, so that's real nice. It's cooling off fairly quickly tonight, almost on the verge of being a little cold. But that can be easily dealt with. :-)

Let's see... Tomorrow night's Open House at school... I don't wanna go, really. But if my dad wants to go, I'll tag along I guess. I don't mind. Then Friday will be the last day that the JV Freshmen/Sophomore baseball team will play, so I wanna be sure to see that after school. GO TAM HAWKS! Also tomorrow will be a half day at school since people want to get set up for Open House... It'll be nice getting out early for once on a Thursday.

Guess I should get going to do hw... more stuff laterz... If not tonight, then have a good night buddies!

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