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One annoying person

One thing I really wanted to mention earlier, in the last entry, was my Creative Learning teacher's assistance, who's sorta a teacher, but not really. I don't feel like mentioning his name right now... Anyway, he was being an annoying prick and started asking me stupid questions as to what I did at lunchtime today. For example, he was asking me why I was running to the BBQ and stuff and I just told him that I felt like it... He asked it as if I'm crazy or dumb or something, and I don't appreciate him butting into my own damn business. I mean NO teacher does that, and if they wonder about something, then I'm fine with sharing a little bit about me here and there. But this idiot here butts into everyone's business, and practically stalks me...

A few days ago, I was talking to my actual teacher about him when he wasn't around and she told me that she actually wished that he was never hired to help out with students, because she's heard a lot of feedback from students about him. They all say the same thing as I do practically... I sure hope HE doesn't last long here, because he's really scaring the hell out of me and annoys me a lot of the time, and talks waay too much. ARGH!!! And I don't care about what he thinks I should do or not do, in his opinion, because I'm sticking with my decisions, not his dorky decision. I could go on and on and on more about him, but I don't want to and I'm sure you guys don't want to hear me complaining more than I have already... :-) So I'll stop for now and might write more laterz...

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