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Just got back from lunch, which was pretty awesome. There was a BBQ outside and there was a few people playing music outside and stuff. It was great to hear them play. Then I hung out with a few freshie guys and watched them skateboard and do tricks and shit... Damn they kicked ass!

Today's the last day of STARS testing and I finished it, YAY! I probably did horrible on it, but oh well.

I got Monday off from school too, which is great. I need the time to relax and also catch up on some things I need to do for school... If I didn't have to worry much about it, then I'd probably work on Monday but I really don't want to. I need time to also have fun and I think I deserve that time off.

Last night I stayed at school from 6pm to 9:30pm and raised money for our music department, to keep our chorus, jazz band and orchestra classes. I didn't raise very much, but had to call a bunch of people up and ask them to donate money, which 3/4 of them said no or was short on money or whatever. Then the rest weren't home which sucked. Ahh well, at least I was there and helped out and that's all that counts.

Well back to work here in Creative Learning (Resource class). Might write more stuff laterz...

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