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about last night and other stuff

Oh my gosh it's incredibly hot in my house right now, either that or it's me that's incredibly hot... Sorry for my last entry from last night - I think I carried too much stress in me at the time... It was way too busy at work, and it drained out a lot of my energy out for the rest of the day. I was also stressing over homework that I know I needed to get done, and knowing it would take more than an hour to complete.

Plus my dad happened to throw out his back AGAIN yesterday. So it built up more stress since I had to take care of him after work. There was one moment when I was asking him a simple question, and he just had a back-spasm attack, which I didn't know until later on. He accidentally threw his anger out on me and yelled at me, which caused me to be pissed and crying. So later after we both kinda settled down, he explained to me what was going on and appoligized for taking his anger out on me when he knew it wasn't my fault... He felt pretty bad. His back is still a bit fucked up right now, but he's not having as many spasm attacks like he did yesterday, so that's good. I helped him out on a lot of stuff for him today and I'm proud that I did.

Anyway this morning I managed to get up early and get my hw done before I took off to school. I was so wiped out last night and my head and ears were also in pain last night, which probably got me in a real cranky mood. It's all better now.

I guess I should get some sleep and be ready for the STARS testings tomorrow... This is something I can't study for unfortunately, but I'll do my best. It basically lasts all week, so it'll screw up my schedule a little bit.. It's k though. Anyway, time to shut my eyes and rest... g'night everyone!
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