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my latest babblings

Today was sort of a relaxing day at work, not as busy as usual on Saturdays, so it was nice. I've come to realize that I do kinda like my job and what I do. I've learned so much just working at Safeway as a courtesy clerk and how to deal with customers. I've gotten so much better at doing things and taking great responsibility for things around the store... I've worked pretty hard to accomplish my goals there and have gotten back lots of good compliments from them in the last few weeks. :-) So it makes me work harder to accomplish more goals and help out not only customers in the store but also employees that I work with too. I must say that I'm proud of myself and I think I'm gonna stay at this job for a while longer, and maybe become a night crew person or a checker... Those are the things I'd like to try out, after I turn 18 anyway... It's probably be fun. Anyway enough blabbering about work. :-)

I called Kelly this afternoon and managed to talk to her for a few minutes, yay! She was just on her way out the door to go back home, so it was just my luck that I caught her on time. She's probably home by now and probably sleeping or something... Guess I won't try to call her tonight. It's ok though...

I met Simon Marshall and added him to my friends list... He sound like a pretty cool person so check him out!

My dad's doing fine tonight, not being annoying or anything... Last night we basically gave each other space, which was what I needed... It helped. I guess I should go see what he's up to... Then maybe hit the sack. I didn't sleep well last night and only got 4 hrs of sleep... Went to bed at about 1am and got up at 7am this morning... Had a hard time sleeping, don't know why. I hate that though... anyway I hope everyone's having a good Saturday night. Laterz...
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