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@ school now...

Well yesterday was ok, had one final that I took which was Intergrated Science 3/4. Didn't finish it and I'll have more time to finish it this Friday, hopefully. It was mediumly hard, but the good thing about it was it was multiple choice, which I like. Today's finals are American Lit and Chorus. Chorus will be easy, I know. American Lit will be hard and I know it'll take me a while to finish the damn test. Oh well...

Aside from all that crap, I have half days from today to this Friday YAY!! :-) Then next week is a semester break, which means we all get a whole week off from school, DOUBLE YAY!!! I must be spoiled or something... I don't know what I'll be doing then, probably hanging out at home relaxing and catching up on sleep.

Haven't heard from Kelly, T, or D since Monday so I don't know what's going on. All I know is that D has a day off from work today, TRIPLE YAY!! Maybe I'll give hima ring after school today and see what he's up to. I think he'd like that.

Ok I know I'm just rambling non-stop about stuff, but that's ok. Oh yeah, I met this cute guy at school who looks like Josh! I'm not mentioning his name but let's just call him Alex since it's close to his name. The thing is he looks like he's a 20-year-old guy but he's only 15 and a freshy. DAMN!!! He sure looks looks like a senior to me.

Anyway I gotta go to my American Lit class and take that damn final so I'll update you guys more later. Peace out baby!!!!
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