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Complaining about shit, Kelly, my dad, etc...

I just called Kelly tonight at her uncle's place and FINALLY GOT A HOLD OF HER!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! After a fucking month!!!!!!!!! She thought all this fucking time that I was pissed off at her for something when I really wasn't! Just to back up a little, she said that she's tried so many times to email me and her emails hasn't been going thru. But I did get one of them from her about a month ago and I replied back to her telling her to call me, email me, whatever... SOOO all this time that I've been trying to call her house, she WAS there and her fucking mom lied to me the WHOLE FUCKING TIME!!! I'm soooo pissed at her mom!!!!!!! AND I can't believe that Kelly would assume something of me that I wasn't, ya know... Like tonight she told me that all that time she was afraid to talk to me and stuff and thought I was pissed at her for something... I told her that I wasn't and never would be unless I had an EXTREMELY big reason to be, and I 'd tell her to her face if I had to... She was soooo relieved to hear that, so now everything's cool between us now, I hope anyway...

My dad's really pissing me off on top of that, telling me I shouldn't call Kelly and that I should've given up by now. Fuck him! Sorry but that's how I feel about him right now. I feel like yelling at him and straightening his ass out! he obviously doesn't understand what I'm feeling right now and never will. All he's doing right now is playing his guitar and not giving a shit about anything and being a selfish prick. Now I know I shouldn't say shit like that about my own dad but when he pisses me off like he is now, he better just fucking back off and leave me alone for the rest of the damn night. AND tonight I'm not gonna put up with ANY b/s or nothing.

I don't know, I feel like smashing something, crying, yelling, I don't know how I'm really feeling at the moment except I know that I'm hurt and I don't know how to deal with it right now... Maybe I just need to sleep this shit off or something... Probably the best thing to do.

Anyway I'm expecting a call back from Kelly soon and if she doesn't call back within 10 minutes, I'm gonna call her back. I don't care what anybody says. I fucking miss her right now and wish she was here!!!

Anyway, I better shut up now and quit complaining about my silly life. Sorry to have this entry be a bitchy one, but I had to let out my steam somewhere before I completely explode inside. I'll probably feel better soon, I hope... Ahh screw it, I'm gonna call Kelly anyway, even though it hasn't even been 5 minutes... Can't stop thinking about her. Hope everyone's having a good night, peace out!

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