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Seemed like this day dragged on forever in the beginning, but the last two hours of my shift at work seemed to fly by preftty quick which was nice. I also got apid today, woohoo! Overall today wasn't a bad day and it was actually kinda quiet at work too. I wish it was always like that on the weekends when I work, less stress to deal with each day. I gotta work hella early tomorrow, but I get off early, so that's real good.

Hmm let's see... Nothing else to report for now... I should hit the sack kinda early tonight. Didn't sleep that well last night because my neck decided to completely spazz out on me in the middle of the night for no apparent reason... Then as the night went on, the pain in my neck went away slowly. Then by the time I woke up this morning which was about 8am, the pain was completely gone! Couldn't believe it! Never had anything like that happen to me before, but oh well.

I actually can't wait to get back to school. I miss Simon DZ sooooooo much and some of my other friends there too! Speaking of my friends, one of my friends who goes to school with me and works with me (janneth) is missing. I haven't seen her in a month. She hasn't shown up at work nor at school, so I'm real worried about her. What kinda freaked me out was at work, my called me into his office and the Police was there too. They asked me if I knew what happened to her recently or what. I told them that I haven't seen her in quite a while and that I heard from someone else that they thought that she's probably really depressed since her b/f left somewhere pretty far and isn't coming back for quite sometime. Nope I'm not in trouble and neither is Janneth. But I was told to report anything new that might have anything to do with her at all immediately to the Police, her family, and to my boss. Finding out the fact that Janneth's missing at all just got me in a quiet kinda depressed mood for the first half of the day, then I slowly got over it as the day progressed. I wonder if it's gonna be on the news tonight or what.... Who knows...

Anyway, I'm gonna watch the news for a little bit then head to bed. G'night y'all.
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