Molly Z (mjz) wrote,
Molly Z

haven't updated I know....

Yes this has been about a month or so since I've written in here. Sorry for not keeping up to date, I've been both busy and lazy. BAD ME!!!

Anyway, I finally saw Kelly at my house for three days, right after Xmas. She was seriously great company!! It turned out that we had lots and lots of catching up talk to do, and it was good for her to come down and get away from home for a while. I guess where she's living has been turning into shit for a year or so, and her mom is almost like my mom, which isn't good. Both are alcoholics and have problems. But my mom's slowly shaping up and getting better, which is great. ANyway Kelly sounds like she's in a tough spot and needs a better place to live and a better school to go to. So my dad and I really I mean REALLY want to help her out and possibly get her out of the situation that she's in, which some of it I already mentioned and the other part I'm not mentioning since it's personal to me. So Kelly and I have promised to see each other as much as possible when we have days off from school... We'll most likely see each other in the summertime, hopefully.

Ever since Kelly left, we've been trying to communicate by phone but we're always catching each other at a bad time... ARGH! Oh well... I guess I'll call her tomorrow or later...

Got an email for T and he's in Mexico for a week. So I miss him. Right now I'm chatting with D on ICQ, and we're just talking about music and stuff, nothing new to report.

This week I have finals, yuck! But it shouldn't be too bad since each final is 2 hours long and I have 2 finals per day, then I go home. So it's nice. I have 7 classes and 5 finals to do, so I think I'm prepared.

Speaking of prepared, I should prepare for tomorrow's final which is Intergrated Science 3/4, YUCK!!! Well I better get to it, so see ya laterz... Oh and for those of you guys reading this, feel free to comment on any of my journals, that's what it's for. Wouldn't mind some feedback from ya. Anyway that's it for me. Peace out baby!

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