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Sorry for not writing for a few days... I've been lazy and not writing, I should admt. But all's going well here...

I'm on Spring Break this week, which most of my friends say it's late but that's ok. Yesterday and Today I had work off. So yesterday I ddecided to get off my ass and get some stuff done that I've been meaning to to for a while. I got a roll of pics developed which includes pics of me, Simon DZ, my ex bf Mike, and some other people. Will try to get those up asap... Also did grocery shopping for myself and did a few manager things for my dad as well. So I'm pretty happy with myself that I did all of that, makes me feel more responsible than i guess I really am... (I don't know how that was suppose to come out, but you get my point hopefully)

So today I sorta didn't do much. I stayed home all day and finished a few small projects I was doing for myself, and decided to start early on my geometry hw which isn't due for another week... But I jumped in anyway and decided to get it done, and I'm glad I did too!

Yesterday I tried to call Kelly and her mom picked up the phone and told me that she was at her uncle's place. So I called over there and just got the damn machine. ARGH I can NEVER get a hold of her anymore and it's more than pissing me off now! But I'm not gonna waste my time being pissed over that... She's probably got her own plans and I understand... Oh well.

I've been visiting one particular website for almost a month now and really like it! If you guys haven't visited WebSeth's website, you should! He's a really awesome guy! Check his site out!

Anyway, that's that for now... I'm working for five days in a row this week but i shouldn't complain because it always pays off for later. I'll try to get back in the swing of writing again, either I forget to write or I'm too lazy or tired or even busy and don't have time. Anyway I have a few things I gotta get done... So ttfn!

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