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At School now...

Damn, an hour before lunch break starts. Oh well... Managed to get some things accomplished that I was sorta behind on this week. I'll probably manage to get the rest of the stuff done over vacation.

I feel sorta tired and drowsy right now... Maybe the Cool Nestea that I'm drinking's slowly putting me to sleep... Ahh well. My plans for the rest of the day is after this period, I'm gonna go home and do a few things. Then I'll come back to school at 2:30pm and go to Driver's Ed, then after that I'll go back home and crash out while my dad prepares dinner and gets ready to go out later.

I guess my boss wants me to work most of next week, which is fine with me. I hope to get a couple of days off from work so i can relax and stuff... That's what I really need - time off from both school and work to catch up on sleep, relax, etc.

Yesterday in Geometry class, Simon DZ and his buddies Benn and Kevin were hilarious throughout the period. Mainly Kevin and Simon were the loudest in the class joking around, talking about stuff, and sorta being annoying in a funny kinda way. There was one point when Simon said something funny, I forget what it was now. But he said it so loud that our teacher heard what he said from across the room, and what he said made me laugh so incredibly hard that I was starting to lose my voice and cry. most of the people in class were laughing at what he said, it was quite funny. Then our teacher had to remaintain the class to silence so people could do their work. Anyway enough on that stuff...

I guess I should get back to whatever I was doing before... I'm hoping to write some more stuff laterz, if I get a chance. Happy TGIF to everyone!
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