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Ben Savage Hoax

I don't know if anyone else saw this, but I was completely fooled! There was a bulletin on Myspace saying that Ben Savage (Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World) died on September 16, 2006 of an accident. Let me tell you something, he did not die! It will not be true unless I hear it from TV or some online news thing specifying what happened to him and spcific sources. In any case, this is what I went through in the last half hour:
-Sadness and crying
-Rage (realizing it was a hoax)

How can someone on MySpace be your friend when they spam you with that kind of crap? I also realized something through these change of emotions. When i find out that someone that I look up to or someone close to me passes away, it makes me realize how we all take life for granite. I know I do, and don't even realize it until now. I'm sure I've talked about this before either here or on my MySpace blogs. But I've also realzied there's elder epople I want to see before they pass on. Anything can happen.

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