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dream about someone I know...

I just woke up from an amazing dream I had of one of my friends, Donn J, that works with me. He's a hippie type of person but he's really cool! In this dream he had his own office studio that was well organized and kept clean. I guess I went to see him since he was gonna be moving somewhere pretty far from here or something like that. I also remember making him a nice card, which he really liked. So in return, he showed me a bunch of pictures of him growing up and his family and friends and stuff... Then he leaves for a few minutes, then my dad shows up wondering what I'm doing at Donn's place. I told him what was going on, and showed him pictures of Donn and stuff. I knew I felt like Iwas going back to his past and seeing who the real Donn is, and his growing up. It was interesting to have a dream like that because I feel that I now have better respect for Donn. Not that I never did before, but it seems like I have a better picture of who he is, in a way.

Then I woke up from that dream, realizing that I'm sorta running late, but mainly my dad's running late for work. Oops! Actually it looks like he might make out the door barely on time... Ahh well.

I must admit that I'm feeling a bit nervous and a lil scared about donating blood, but I think I'll do ok, or so I hope anyway. Hope everyone had a good day today!

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