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News and other stuff...

Yesterday I worked from 10am to 7pm, it wasn't too bad. Then came home, did some hw and went to bed.

Woke up this morning at about 5am, got my dad up too and got myself ready for school. Then I left here and walked to school which was a nice time to go. Even though it was cold, I still enjoyed the sun rising up, so it was real nice. Then I got to school and went to my 1st period classs. My first two classes of the day went pretty good and smoothly.

2nd period, our music class had a sub. So we watched a movie and I did some hw while I was there too, so it was nice as well.

3rd period class was awful! Last week our class had a sub and everyone in the class was practically misbehaving and acting like 10 year old kids. So today my teacher came back with a really bad report from the sub saying how bad we were and stuff like that. So I decided to write my teacher an honest letter telling her what was happening with me that day, what I've observed, etc. She was quite impressed with me that I took the time to write to her what was going on, because in my opinion she has a right to know - hey she's the teacher! Plus we had an unexpected chemistry quiz today which sucked. But I think I did ok on it, so I won't worry until I get it back.

4th period geometry class was worse than 3rd period science class today, it was unbelievable! Our damn teacher told us last week that he was gonna give us a chapter exam in two weeks from today. So I was thinking, cool I have lots of time to prepare and study for it. WELL when I walked into class, our damn math teacher started handing out the fucking chapter exams to all of us, and we're all getting extremely pissed off at him because he told us something different and none of us were prepared to take it. So I'm thinking, I'm gonna seriously do bad on it! I think I was the most pissed out of everyone in my class , and I stayed pissed throughout the testing period. I'll probably get like a "C" or a "D" on it now. Damn I'm still pissed that our teacher screwed all of us over like that!

So after I got that exam done, I went to lunch and same ol' same ol' stuff... Saw Simon DZ and his buddies at lunch too, so it was cool. So from there on, the rest of the day wasn't too bad. Went to driver's ed after school and then went to our TAM home baseball game for a while. Then I walked home and here I am now.

Tomorrow I'll probably be donating blood and I hope to be ok after that's all done. I've never done it before, so it should be interesting and kinda scary too, I guess... Wish me good luck on that!

*YAWN* it's been a long day for me and I'm getting really sleepy fast!

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