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Well I'm up and about right now. Gotta be at work today in an hour from now. Damn! The weather here sucks, it's raining and cloudy. I heard on the weather forecast that it was gonna get colder and snow here. I'm thinking, I don't think so! It never snows here and I doubt it ever will.

Yesterday was a good day, even though the weather then was crappy. I got a hair trim which looks nice. I seriously needed it bad. And my hair's still kinda long, but it'll be thick instead of thin, YAY!

Welcome Simon Says to LJ! Nope, not the same Simon from my school. I'll just refer to him as Simon DZ. Anyway, the other Simon from LJ wrote his first entry a couple of days ago, so check it out.

I miss Simon DZ though... I saw him walking home when I was walking home, it was funny in a weird kinda way.

Anyway I'm off to get my ass ready for work. Bleh. Hope everyone has a great Saturday!
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