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Yesterday afternoon

yesterday was the first day of my after school class that I now have this last quarter of the school year - Driver's ed. Nothing happened in that class, only lasted about 10 minutes long which was nice. Then after that I decided to hang around at school and play Hacky Sack with the guys. It was lots of fun and we played for about an hour! Then after that, I decided to see what the baseball team was up to... Simon was on the team and they played good too!

Last night my dad and I went to SF at the Bazaar Cafe and watched a band called Blame Sally play. One of the members, Renee, was sick and couldn't make it in. So I filled in here and there for them and it sounded great! it might be possible for them to also come to my school and play a few tunes there and our chorus class could sing something for them too. I'm hoping to get this to happen, but I have to talk to my music teacher about it and see what his plans are and if it works for him or not... I think it would be great!

Time for me to get ready for school, gotta leave in about a half hour from now... Have an awesome day everyone!
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