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Both good & bad

I don't remember if I wrote yesterday or what... I don't think I did, so I appoligize... Today's been both a good and a bad day, mainly a good day I should say. One thing that was bad this morning was today was the anniversary of one of my friends from school (Joel) that committed suicide last year. Our Pricncipal announced it on the campus intercom, and it really got me depressed. It almost felt like I was reliving this day last year but different.

Later on this morning, there was a Multi-cultural assembly which was extremely good! It really cheered me up for the rest of the day. I think all of us really needed that assembly so that we can kinda get our minds off of Joel's death. Then the assembly was done but we had NO FUCKING BREAK!! I was pissed!

So I went to my last class of the day and our class had a little party for one of the teachers that's leaving to NY as of this weekend. So today was her last day at school. :-( I'll miss her a lot! She was always a great person to talk to and she always helped me when I needed it.

Yesterday at the end of my school day was bad!! Somehow, one of the freshmen guys found out that I liked Simon. ARGH! SO he practically makes a huge deal out of it and blurts it out to the whole damn math class! That really pissed me off and embarrassed the shit out of me! I wanted to hide so bad, but I knew I couldn't. A big part of me was hurting because I was (and still) starting to think that he somehow hates me. Maybe not, but who knows. I managed to exchange hellos with him this morning, but still I'm not sure. I think that we both need the weekend to cool off and forget about it. Then we'll see what happens from there.

Got paid yesterday, woohoo! I might get new shoes today, I don't know. I really need a new pair though. I'm starting to get a fat blister in the back of my left foot because of those damn shoes. Yep, definitely time to get new ones! I also need new clothes soon, should go Spring shopping or something.

Next Friday I have an appointment to get a hair trim right after school. I can't wait! I love my long hair, but I'm getting lots of split ends which is not good. Hope everyone's had a great Friday today... More to come laterz.

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