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More Thoughts and today...

Hmm, seems like everyone around me has had a shitty day today. My morning was kinda crappy, but my afternoon was nice and mellow. Got a lot of shit done too, so I'm happy.

Right now I'm actually kinda pissed off at one of my friends from school, but I'm not gonna let that get to me tonight... I have too much stress happening with me already as it is...

Waiting for Kelly to call me back. I sure hope she does soon. She's been out of touch for about a month and I really miss her and going insane because she's never there when I call her up. I guess I need to be more patient, who knows...

More news to come later, maybe not tonight, i don't know... I'll be up for a while and online on ICQ so give me a hollar before I go to sleep tonight. See ya LJ readers and buddies laterz...
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