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Sorry for that last entry, didn't feel like getting into detail about what went on today. The last part of my day was pretty good. I went and saw the actual play of "The Crucible" which was extremely good!

Tomorrow I have my solo ensemble singing to do with my dad and tonight I'm gonna rehearse with him so we're ready for tomorrow. I'm fully ready but I'm not sure if my dad is or not... I think we'll do just fine.

Earlier at lunch today I broke out and cried because of something that my ex-bf said to me. It wasn't really bad, just unexpected, ya know... I was also crying because I have led myself to believe that I'll never get to be with Simon again or talk to him or anything... Don't ask me why, but that's just my feeling and impression that I'm getting... The weird thing was I was kinda near Simon when I was crying. So he heard me, turned around and looked straight at me wondering what was going on. Then everything hit me at once! All I could do was let it out, and that's what I did.

Now I'm doing better than I was before, now that I've mellowed out and had food in my system... I hope everyone had a better day than me... G'night y'all.
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