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Happiness Yesterday & Today

Yesterday and today were both amazingly great days. Got some homework done and hung out with Kerry & Dustin both days. Definitely awesome. I love hanging out with them; they always put out the best vibe ever. Makes me warm inside too. I'm gonna try & hang out with Kerry on Sunday and maybe hang out with Dustin either late Saturday after work or something. We haven't figured it out yet, but it'll be cool. I know they're gonna read this, so huge hugs to them. :-)

This week, I've missed Spider Lily & miss hanging out with her. It'd be cool to have her over at my place sometime, maybe on Spring Break. We'll see. Closest friends are the ones that keep ya alive and sane.

I still have to finish my novel; 3 chapters left. Tonight, I'm too tired to complete it, so I shall finish it early tomorrow morning. Love to everyone, as I doze to sleep early.
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