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my usual ramblings

Dammit I come home from work and try to get online. It works for a few minutes, then I get bumped offline. Then the modem can't dial up because there's no freaking dial tone. Now what's that suppose to mean??? ARGH. Then when I'm finally able to get back online, I get bumped offline again! This has happened three times within five minutes. What the hell is going on with my damn connection??

Other than that annoyance, my day at work's been good and nice. it's really sunny out today and I wish I can enjoy it all day. But I'll be indoors for the rest of the day which sucks! Oh well... Hope tomorrow's weather is as good as it was so far today.

I'm also kinda pissed because I just found out that my dad and I are going to be moving in about a week or two. This sucks! I mean I knew that we were gonna move to the new place eventually, like in a couple of months from now, but two weeks from now completely BLOWS!!!

Oh well, time to shut down and head on abck to work soon. Adios.

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