Molly Z (mjz) wrote,
Molly Z


I guess nothing's new that I can think of at the moment. Ahh great, my mom just came online... oh well...

Saturday my dad got a Christmas tree and he put it up Sunday, which was sweet of him. It's a nice 5-6 ft tree. :-)

Yesterday I decided to make up the hours I missed on Saturday and work a full 8-hr day, which was cool. It was pretty mellow first thing in the morning, but it started getting pretty hectic right at the end of the day. But it ususally gets like that almost every time I work there, so it's ok. I had today off from work and that was nice. I didn't do much of anything, so I kicked back for most part of the day and chilled a bit. Earlier today I was thinking about going shopping for my dad, but I didn't feel like going out somewhere and getting lost in some mall or something, so I passed on that idea. Right now I'm in no mood to go shopping, I'm too tired and don't feel like going anywhere. I know this makes me sound like a lazy bitch or something, but I'd rather also have someone go with me too, and everyone's gone... argh! Oh well, I guess I gotta deal with it...

I got tomorrow off from work as well, but I don't know what I'll be doing then. Maybe shopping, or school work, who knows! Maybe I'll get completely bored and clean my stupid room before Kelly comes up next week.

I chatted with D last night (I think) and he's doing ok. I traded a few emails with T today and he's busy but good. Anyway I hope to chat with them tonight or something... Oops, gotta get going here. I'll write more later. Peace!!

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