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Frank Zappa Movie, Bumpy Week, Etc

I don't have much to say... It's nice to walk in my clean room finally. Impressive.

Last night, I watched a Frank Zappa 50th birthday concert that many musicians performed. Very amazing, bazaar, complicated songs he's got. I guess in this video, he was not on stage or perform or anything. I didn'r know he already passed on years ago, I guess. As strange as his stuff is, I wonder what ended his life.

Seems like this week's been a very bumpy road for everyone. Yesterday, I saw a young couple who are in my Human Sexuality class get into an intense agrument/fight. I was walking toward the freeway busstop to catch my bus when I saw them yelling at each other and other stuff. Makes me think they might've broken up, who knows. Anyway, I've been real moody with a few people this week, especially my cat. I just wish certain stupid people from my college would give me more space. Seems like it's asking too much.

Music classes went well. Falling asleep here as usual, and it's not even 5pm yet! Happy great weekend to everyone..
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