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Well I'm up and have to work at 9am this morning. It's ok, I'm almost ready anyway. My dad wants me to go to see some people play in San Francisco right when I get off of work, but I really don't feel like it. I know I'm gonna be too tired and grouchy to go... Oh well.

Now on a totally different subject in mind, I've come to a conclusion that I don't want to be near any type of dog again. If they are mellow and don't bite, then i'm cool with them. The reason why I'm saying this is because there's been lots of recent dog attacks on people and a few have gotten killed from their dog bites. So ever since then, I've been keeping my distance from dogs because I don't wanna get bitten by one like I did about 6 years ago. It wasn't that bad, and that dog didn't have rabies luckily. But it really pissed my dad off at the time and I understand why he would be real mad about it.

Actually about a week ago, I was walking to school and there was what looked like an evil dog walking straight towards me. Inside I was really scared, thinking this dog would bite me and follow me to school. He did follow me for about a couple of yards, then left running the opposite way. I stayed calm and listened to my walkman, and kept walking on without turning around until I was really confident enough that the dog wasn't behind me. I was lucky and I was ok when I got to school. So that was good.

work clothes, black shoes, & watch.

Tea & left over pizza from last night.

Thinking about:
- Had a dream about him last night and the night before... Can't help it!
Today and tomorrow and this coming week's full events I'm involved in.

Hope everyone had a good St Patrick's Day yesterday. Laterz.

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