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Sunny Classes & Hangout, Books, Misc...

Interesting classes. I had an English test on writing introductions; hopefully I did decent. Human Sexuality class was fun and hilarious. Took class notes and watched a hilarious video on male stuff. After classes, I hung out with Dustin & Joe for lunch, then went home, I think.

Oh yeah - I was finally able to buy 3/4 of my books, which is great. I have one more music book and an Ear Training CD I gotta buy, but it can wait till next Tuesday, when classes resume.

4 day weekend here, WOOHOO! Time to sleep in and focus on homework and work. Still no call back from Book Passage. I left the manager 2 messages: one Tuesday and one today. I'm gonna look in other places to work. I'm tired of waiting for things to fall on my lap, and continue to be broke. Not cool.

Gonna finish this tea, check LJ, then hit the sack.
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