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English & Human Sexuality - First Day, Running Into Peeps

English was cool. I saw a few peeps from last semester's english class, so it sorta felt like a small reunion. We also found out that O'Brien (my english teacher from last semester) passed everyone in the class, yet haven't completed the class??? Very weird. But it's getting straightened out, and we'll still be enrolled in this class, which is nice. Anyway, I like my teaher in there, pretty laid back, yet straight-forward with everyone.

Human Sexuality class was awesome too. There were a few people I recognized from previous classes I took with them in the past or from high school, so that was awesome. There's at least half the class I don't know, but I'll get to know them sooner or later. In the same class, I met this guy who looks exactly like Alex F, yet different. Very nice, cool guy. After class was out, we hung out and we talked about what other classes he was thinking about taking. We had lunch at the burrito place down the corner from COM, and basically hung out.

Came home sorta later than I wanted, and crashed. I'm really looking forward to this semester, especially Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mostly, it's great to run into old buddies or aquantences from previous classes, and know that they're doing well too. Very satisfying, happy day!

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