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Continuous Projects, School, A Few Dreams

I was partially lazy yesterday, but did 9 projects. Today I've done 10 so far. I plan to do 10 more, hopefully. Whether they all work or not is questionable, but it's fun to build digital lights and build different sounds like a chirping bird or sirens or whatever.

It feels weird to be almost the only person that's not back in school yet. Almost all of my friends are back in school as of last week & this week. It's okay though. I don't go back till the 26th. Seems so far away, yet not at the same time. Weird.

Had a few weird dreams this morning. One of them involved a past crush (SDZ) and his friends on a weird roadtrip. I guess we were driving and taking busses all over the place, and the last place we ended up was somewhere in the tropics, and we were running around finding something, and no luck.

Another weird dream involved my folks and some jamaican guys. I guess the sun was quickly rising early around 4am, and the jamaican guys were hanging out at my place talking & laughing and quietly playing acoustic music outside. Suddenly, a random black guy told the jamaicans to leave our place or else.. I stepped in & argued with him, and told him that the Jamaicans have every right to be here as much as anyone else does. Then he yelled at me to leave my place, or else.... Then I woke up from that dream, still dreaming. I guess I went to my folks' room and told them this dream, and they liked it. Then I looked outside their window, and the sun was just rising slowly at 5am. Looked very pretty. Then I actually woke up, looked out the window to find that it's already sunlight, and it's sorta raining. Then I went back to sleep till noon.
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