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Electronic Projects Flying Outta My Ears

Feeling better today, I dunno what was up with me yesterday. Major mood conflicts, but I'm okay now. Thanks to those who are there for me, I guess I needed it.

I didn't do much all weekend. Yesterday, I decided to get out my old "Electronic Project Lab" thing and build every single project from its book. There's 130 of them, and I know I haven't done every one of them yet, so it'll be a fun project within itself. There's a few parts missing that I have no idea where they are, so a few projects are out until I can replace them or something. Yesterday, I did about 25 projects and I did 5 so far today. I plan to do 20 more before going to sleep, so that'll be fun. The very first thing I built yesterday was an AM Radio - worked very well! My step mom was impressed as well. I think I might get back to that stuff and see how many projects I can do before the night's over.
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