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I Sit Here Alone, Mixed Up

I'm sitting here crying quietly without reason. I don't want my folks to question me. They didn't do anything wrong; I'm just PMSing or just on an emotional rollercoaster I shouldn't be on. I think I wanted to be alone all day, which I sorta got. But now I'm paying the price because now I wanna hang out with people and I basically ignored all the phone calls to me. They're either outta reach or I'm just shy/scared to reach out to my friends. Why is this? Maybe I'm denying myself, just sitting here and won't do anything about it. I'm not really asking for people to bow down to me or anything, I just don't know why I'm feeling this way.

It's like, do I wanna do this or do I wanna do that? The answer is, I don't know. Just mixed up is all I am, and have been since last night. Wanted to cry last night, but I slept instead. Didn't want to go out today or do anything or be with anyone. Just alone. Now the price will be paid.
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