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Remembering Summer of 1995 With Someone

Just looking back on the summer of 1995. What a blast I had before entering middle school, when certain changes affected my life. I felt so innocent and free that summer. Most of the summer was spent with a guy who I was thinking was sorta my first boyfriend and was a best friend - Seth D.

I was free from elementary school, and fun was to be had. The day after I supposedly graduated, Seth, his family, and I went to Marine World - my first time. There was no electric rides then, but I did get to ride on an elephant. Took many pictures and got lost many times. But it was worth it.

After that, Seth & I hung out at each other's houses a lot. I'd do a weird things of tape-recording us talking, laughing, tickles, playing games, and me playing his sister's keyboard a lot. I still have that stuff, which brings back so many memories. A few times, my mom would go to his house to house clean, and I'd go with her to hang out with Seth. Fun times. During the summer, we went swimming a lot, tanning in the sun, and eating tons of junk food. In the end, all the fun was worth it.

Then we both entered middle school, and our friendship sorta fell apart. I think a hard lesson to learn from it all was I liked him so much that I couldn't be away from him, and it drove him nuts. So he drifted away and I eventually sorta forgot about him a month or so later. As time went on, he changed a lot and he wasn't the same, fun Seth I knew from the summer of '95. Even though we've gone our seperate paths, I'm kinda curious to see how he's doing and what's he's up to nowadays. Haven't seen Seth in nearly 5-6 years.
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