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No Inventory, Slowly Getting Better

I got today off from inventory because my boss called me last night to confirm what time we start for the day. He heard my voice and said that I should rest and not work. I made sure he had a big enough crew to do 2 stores and to cover for me, and he said he does, which is good.

Still sick, but slowly getting better. Left gland in my throat's still swollen, but my right gland's back to normal. Still drinking water, juices, and taking homemade medicine, so it's slowly helping. Last night, I kept waking up every hour and burping crazily. That was kinda hilarious. I guess I had too much garlic or ginger in my dinner last night.

Talked to Spider also, nothing special. Just talked and caught up on stuff. My voice still sounds weird and clogged up, but hopefully in a few days, I'll be closer to getting better soon. Oh, thanks to friends wishing me to get well. Very touched. :-)
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