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What I've Done From XMas To Now

I don't remember when I last updated - probably Christmas Eve. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. My folks went to the beach for the day while I spent some time with my mom and brother on Christmas. I'm so glad I got to see them. I miss my bro lots, and he's always busy. So I don't get to see him often. Anyway, my bro and I spent a few hours at mom's house, watched "Stand By Me," and chilled mostly. No arguments or disagreements happened, so that was definintely a plus!

Friday (the next day), I had to do inventory work. I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep because of the drive back from my mom's place to here. So I was wiped out. Pretty busy for inventory. I don't remember if I did anything afterwards.

Saturday & Sunday, I worked at Any Mountain. Those were two crazy, extremely busy days, omg! It felt like I only worked 3-4 hours each day, that's how crazy it was. But it's worth it. Didn't do anything much after work except sleep.

Today, I woke up at 5am, and did inventory in the city by 7am. Not too bad, only 2 stores. Came home at 1pm and crashed out. I feel like I'm getting sick again, and my neck looks and feels inflamed right now. So I'm being careful with it. Talked to Pea on the phone a little while ago. Just laying low for the time being until tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, I gotta get up at 4am at least, to get ready for early inventory by 6am in the east bay. We're gonna do 5 stores!! Hopefully they're small and quick.. I can't wait to chill on Wed & Thursday - days off. I also found out I have Saturday off from Any Mountain. Trying to decide whether I should take it off from inventory, which I did ask off, OR work that day for extra cash. We'll see.

Haven't heard from G since Thursday, hopefully all's well. Wow this is long. Haven't written a long entry in a good while. lol. Hope everyone has an awesome Happy New Year. I have no idea what I'll be doing, but hopefully something fun.

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