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I Wish Today Was More Interesting

Today gives the energy of gloomyness and crapiness. I woke up at around 1:30pm, wishing I hadn't slept in so late. Oh well. It was worth it.

Lately, the speakers that go to my computer have been shorting out on me. A few days ago, the wires in one of them shorted. so i disconnected it, fixed the wire, and hooked it back up. It worked fine. The next day, it shorted again! So I disconnected the wire, clipped a little bit off, made a new connection, the hooked it back up, and it worked. Then it shorted again yesterday! So I broke down and fixed both speakers, put completely new connections to them, and now they work better since I've done that. I like these speakers, but if they short out again, I may have to save up to buy new ones.

I was hoping to go on a bike ride this afternoon, but it's not very promising outside. I won't ride in the rain or in deep cloudiness. So that's out. I have nothing going on so far; maybe I'll finish a few projects here.

OH! If you want me to send you a X-mas card, email me your address, then I can get them out today. :-) Trying to get as many out as possible.
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