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nothing much

Well nothing really new to report since I last wrote in here... My dad went to a carropractor and slowly got his back fixed. I guess he's gonna go back in there tomorrow afternoon. It'll be good for him. He's in a much better mood now, so that's also a plus!

Had spaghetti for dinner tonight, very filling! Then took a nice hot bath afterwards, and now I'm chatting with a few of my cool buddies on ICQ. :-)

I talked to Ariel on ICQ earlier and she really made me cry! I guess I missed her a lot! At least we're still friends, and that's what counts. What killed me was not talking to her for days. So I learned my lesson from that. Anyway, she's doing good. :-)

I know one of my friend's reading this so I'm gonna say hi to him! :-) You know who you are! ;-) G'night buddies...
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