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Busy Work, Soaked, Clogging Dial-Up

Work was very busy today! Lots of money made. Al (my ex-bf) came into Any Mountain to get something. It actually kinda made my day. Then for the last half hour or so of my shift, all the customers were gone. So my coworkers blasted some hip-hop stuff, cleaned the store, and also got our groove-on. Pretty awesome way to end a hard day!

On my way back home, I walked to a nearby busstop and it wasn't raining. By the time I got on the bus and got to my busstop, it poured so heavily while i walked the rest of the way home. For some reason, i didn't mind. It felt nice to have rain come down my face, and I usually don't like that. Kinda like a good evening shower. lol

And to all of my friends that wanna chat with me, my dial up has been acting up and clogging my computer up for the past week. So that's why I'm not online much. It's not that I don't wanna talk. In fact, I wish I could chat, only if my thing would stop clogging up every time I go online. But I'll still try to chat whenever I can. Or just email me or call me, if you wanna reach me. Probably better off calling me anytime...

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