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When I'm Ready For Life, It Isn't Ready For Me

i'm losing it! My step mom's work is having a X-Mas party, and each employee can invite ONLY 1 person with them. So my step mom invited my dad, of course, which is fine. It's also their 1-year anniversary of being together, so they might split from the party and do something else. That's fine. But I found out that G's been invited to the same party, and I didn't know until that it was and intivation-only party, because now I wanna go, and I'm not invited. Even if my folks or G want to invite me, they can't, which sucks! At first, it didn't matter, because a few days ago, I didn't wanna go. But now that I really wanna go and hang out with my folks and other people, I can't! I just hate this.

Plus Locale's last few shows are this weekend and I wanna catch them at the Oasis for the last time on Friday before they split, and I don't think I can make it to that show because of no money or transportation. FUCK! So I guess I'll be here twiddling my damn thumbs both nights. I don't wanna be here anymore, fucking boring! And yes, I need to get a fucking life! I'm ready for something new, something exciting. They were ready for me months ago, and now they aren't... Whatever.

I guess there's things to do here that I could do. Art, laundry, sleep, um TV, what else. Eat. Whatever, I'm gone.

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