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Slipping Out Of Horribleness

My dial up is back to normal as of this morning. No longer sick. As for me, I'm slowly feeling better. Still runny nose and sneezing, but I'm okay, otherwise. Yesterday was a shitty day, and I posted a long entry complaining/whining about it. Didn't make it public because I figured that no one wants to read a very long, angry entry about where my life is gonna lead to. My folks have been fighting for 2 days about money issues, which is taking its toll on me. Hopefully they won't fight today.

My step mom's been crying all day because she thinks we won't have Christmas this year or celebrate it. To be honest, I'd like to see what Christmas is like with her, and how SHE celebrates it. I'm sure she'd make it much better than my mother would. I love my mom, but she has a sorta unbalanced, drunk way of celebrating it that always made me dread Christmas, and I guess I'd shut it down because it would remind me of her. I don't want to do that this year. I want to have Christmas a different way this year, and I'd like to celebrate it with my dad and step mom. We almost did it last year, but it fell thru because a lot of crap was going on in both sides of the family. So we'll see what happens this year.

My mood's fluctuating like crazy already. I woke up to my step mom crying and I hugged her. Later, I was feeling optomistic about stuff. A few minutes ago, I accidentally slammed my head on the corner my bed when I was getting something, and it's getting me mad. Dunno why. Now I'm talking to G and feeling better.

Today's such a nice day out. I'd like to go outside and do something, but alas, I don't want to get myself any more sicker than I am. So who knows.
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