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Yesterday's Bike Ride, Chorus Concert

Yesterday was an interesting day off. I took a 2 hour bike ride from MV to Saus. Very fun! Cruised on some bike paths and took a few tours, so it was well worth it. The only thing that wasn't great was my dad called me about 4-5 times for some emergency thing, and I wasn't home yet from my ride. So what turned out to be an emergency was nothing, really. That's the only annoyance, but other than that, my ride was good.

Our chorus/Chamber Singers concert went really well last night. Of course, everyone loved us and how excellent we were, so that's a plus. I screwed up a few times on a few different songs, but it was no biggie. Some people wanted me to go to Chevys with them after the concert, but I wasn't feeling well and came home. The high-heel shoes killed me last night.. Wanted to get comfy and have tea here. Pretty nice. Fell asleep at about 12:30am-1am. I was knocked out.

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