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I Can Relax.. Wait, No I Can't!

Today's sorta started off strange so far. No minor details here, but just a strange morning. I found out that today's the last day of English class, which is awesome! I have no final in there, so it's a huge relief. All I have to worry about now is my native american history class, which I have tonight. I think I'm screwed in the class. There's one or two reports overdue, and I dunno if I can do them now before the semester's over. Well if I fail this class, i can always take another history class soon. We'll see.

I have a few last things to turn in for my music class, which I need to do before tomorrow. I won't have any time before the due time to do the work, so I'll do it today while I got some downtime. My mental side is saying, "Screw everything and relax," but I can't do it yet. Need to get some things accomplished today, if anything at all.

Tomorrow will be my first day of working at Any Mountain. I'm sure I'll do fine, but the nervousness is still lingering.

Gonna get something to eat, then get some work done.
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