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Strange, Good Day

Interesting day! English class, then did some review stuff in the Lab for my final with a few peeps. Pretty fun. Then I went home briefly, walked to Tam High, then hung out at Starbucks and talked to my ex-b/f, Alex. He's doing well. By the time we were done talking, it was 5pm, and things had to be dealt with. Wanted to party with G tonight, thinking all was well. Walked from Starbucks to Sausalito in the light rain for a while. Got to his place only to realize the plan fell to pieces. So I walked from his place nearly to my place. No rain, and the moon sorta came out. So I wante to enjoy the walk as long as possible. Got to MV, taking a few scenic routes to enjoy everything around me. Went to a sushi restaurant and saw Colin & his family inside there. It's his b-day today, so it waas really nice to run into him nearby. Sorta got invited on the spot to join them and I didn't want to ruin anything for Colin. But I joined them. I think the food's knocking me out right now. Really sleepy.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Colinz!

Forgot what else I was gonna say in here. Gonna lie down though. Really fading.

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