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Don't Even Talk Crap About Locale AM!

Today was good, odd, and sorta stupid too. Got my classes registered early and PAID!! Taking 4 classes next semester. Should be okay. Was gonna hang out with G, but he's worn out. It's okay though. Rest is always good.

I had just missed the 21 bus to get home, so I caught the 22 bus, which seemed like it took forever because of traffic back-up. Whatever though. Then two emo-punk guys came on the bus, saw my "Locale AM" thing, and they completely insulted them. They said the band sucked hardcore, and that they went on tour with the band a few years ago, and that they still suck now. I'm sorry, but YOU suck! Locale AM is the best local band ever, and you have no idea what you're talking about, because you haven't even heard their recent stuff. So don't even talk! And if they're emo, SO WHAT! They're a band with good music, and if you can't handle that, then suck it.

Sorry, had to vent that part of it because it bugs me so much, and I've never heard ANYONE criticize the band that way. I believe that some bands out there do get better overtime, the longer they're together and whatever. Some people just have no idea, and it bugs me.
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