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Things Getting Better, Good Life, Good People, and Decent Weekend

Things are sorta resolved between Pea and me for right now. I'll be her aid for the rest of the semester, but not next semester, which is fine. I just wish her good luck in finding an aid for then.

Talked to Annie for a bit, nothing bad. Just chilled. Now I'm chilling on IM with G. He's so incredibly nice and awesome to hang out with. Miss him lots too. He's having a real good time in Rome; he gets back here on Tuesday sometime, so that'll be cool.

My orientation/meeting for Any Mountain went well, kinda long though, but good. Now I'm not sure when I start because they'd have me start in a few weeks from now, when my boss said December 8th. argh oh well, we'll see though.

I should finish a few things. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

PS: LJ's being stupid, but I meant to post this at 6:29pm.

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